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Sernik, Cheesecake, Kåsekuchen or?

We start with an idea. A will, a desire, to be more precise. So, why don’t we make a sernik? As the language we have in common is polish, everything comes from a polish point of you. The chef comes out with her personal experience of sernik and i drawn in dreamings of what she’s talking about… Milk from their cow turning into butter, into cheese or śmietana, panna or cream cheese – which is three different things, anyway. Our chef comes from eastern countryside of Poland, where everything is green and everybody knows how to make their own cheese with their own milk.

After a while that I listen and dream she recalls me to practical things, as i have to translate in something possible what she is talking about. It’s the call for the dirty work, stop dreaming and start reality. Or, what kind of ingredients can we find here? In this German oeko Berlin? The talk about possibilities here takes a long ride on what are the italians way of doing it, what kind of italian ingredients can replace the polish flair.

Sometimes it comes even better, and those are the good katulka moments, as making it better is exactly what we are here to do.  Sometimes comes out something like this:









this, ok, this was, as we invited very wise people for dinner.